This is the reason why we started this music blog. That feel, that bounce, those vibes that make every cell of your body celebrate this thing called life. This isn’t the first time Ahwlee made us feel this way, his trademark smooth jazzy samples layered with the throbbing kick drums and crispy snares has send us to the deep thought realm many times. The vibes are so soothing, and we think everybody should hear the creations of the soon to be 23 years old creative spirit. His release ATM. is perfect for the summer. Our favourite track has to be jimmy, and to our surprise estilo.too sounds like Pete Rock payed a visit. Ahwlee is one of those rising young talents to keep an eye on. Trust.

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It is almost the most wonderful time of the year and we get our Christmas present from Mndsgn & Ahwlee early this year. Use caution when opening this present though, chances are you will be spending your time by the Christmas tree with a neck brace. Luckily, there is still time to ask one for Christmas by the way. Next to warming up some hot chocolate the two beat chefs stuffed classic Christmas songs with beats, threw them in the oven, and used some 90s R&B as gravy. It sure smells good. Unpack your free Christmas present here. Merry Christmas everyone!