This groovy track is coming from the talented German B-Ju. He’s got a new EP coming up on the suiting Cosmonostro imprint. In the past B-Ju already has proven to be quite the innovative producer. His take on hip-hop is something different. Different in a positive way. Combining his love for hip-hop with house influences and gut-rumbling subs make up the unique style of B-Ju. Expect this new release to drop June 2nd.


B-JU – F R V R

Yesterday B-Ju hit the milestone of 10k followers on soundcloud. He surely deserves it with his talent. Out of gratitude he shared a freebee with us on his bandcamp page. While you’re there, be sure to check out his other slamming releases. In the past he also released material on the great Squelch & Clap and Error Broadcast labels. Check out his soundcloud page and follow him, if you don’t already, to help him reach the 20k.

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Error Broadcast reached a milestone. Five years ago the label started and rapidly became a prolific label thanks to artists like Shlohmo, Pixelord, DZA, B-Ju and Kenlo. The imprint is the home ground for many influential and established artists and also for innovative new talents. To celebrate their five year of existence and the fact that Error Broadcast has become an amazing record label, there will be released a compilation of their top-ten favourite remixes. Be sure to get yourself a copy of the limited edition cassettes.



For someone who comes from the beautiful country Norway, Floral is a suitable EP name. This is the debut EP from the young scandinavian talent Hasta, who is only 17 years old. For this release he produced three banger tracks and showcases his ability to create romantic soundscapes, driven by heavy percussions. You’ll also find three remixes, done by B-Ju, Deebs and Neue Grafik. Have a listen here below.



The sixth edtion of the Mad-Hop compilations is on its way. Mad-Hop is a music platform that’s dedicated to experimental hip hop and electronic music. Artist like Ichiro_, Kidkanevil, Headshotboyz, 813, B-Ju and Pixelord are some examples of artists who delivered solid tracks for previous volumes. We can expect a diverse compilation full of music from all over the world. Some of the featured artist already collaborated with the label, but we will also here sounds from new talent coming from Europe, Asia and North America. Listen to the preview below.