It’s the master. The beat extraordinaire back with a new tape, entitled LOfi Theater. Dibia$e keeps a lofi vibe throughout the record. Dusty beats that have an authentic feel. Throughout the years, Dibia$e has made quite a name for himself. Some consider him as one of the leading contemporary beatmakers. With every record he convinces us of his talent and originality. He is able to make smashing beats full of synths, but also deliver old-skool joints that make you reminiscing the good ol’ days, like with this record. Enjoy this one.



If you have been following us for some time, you most definitely saw beat maker Dibia$e‘s music on here regularly. We are such a fan of his soulful hiphop beats with that perfect swing. It seems that Dibia$e isn’t too fond of sleeping, since he’s making a habit of releasing a new project every couple of months. His latest project Sche-Ma’tiks is on its way and to give you all a taste of what you can expect Dibia$e made a promo video. Check it out, and dare tell us that after hearing that last beat that you didn’t need some medical attention of any kind for your neck. It’s the Green Llama!



Ooh Lord, the emperor of beats Dibia$e is at it again with some sincere raw beat making. Therefore he apologises in advance: Excuse the Tape Hiss. By layering loops, running stuff through the 4 track and the tape deck like back in the day, Dibia$e made this release sound very old and dusty. Just the way we beat heads like it. We are now at a place that we just buy Dibia$e’s releases off the bat without pre listening, because we know he will bring the heat like always, no question. Have a listen down here.



The new year has just begun and the beat smith Dibia$e is definitely keeping his New Year resolution of bringing more heat. Up the Joystick 2 [hidden levels] is the second instalment of the video game themed beat projects that pack mesmerizing 8-bit bleeps and whopping kicks and snares. A while back Dibia$e said that he wouldn’t release anymore of the Nintendo inspired beat tapes, but he just couldn’t resist to pick up the joystick again. We hope that he keeps at the 8-bit sound once in a while though, because this stuff just makes you break your neck. Press play and try to beat these levels. We bet you can’t reach the end, because the levels are so dope that it’s hard to go to the next one. OOOH MAAAYNE..



After an enlightening Boiler Room session just about a week ago, the beat guru Dibia$e now brings us his latest project called PROgressions. There are just no words to describe how extremely talented this guy is. His beats should come with a medical description: “When used extreme neck pains may occur as side effects”. But with the power of his music to heal your soul, neck pains are more than worth it. PROgressions can be bought for only $7. Support Dibia$e, he is just ridiculous with the beats. THE GREEN LLAMA STRIKES!

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Stop the press. Hold it. Wait. Cut it out. Just hold on for a second. Because this guy is just so effin ridiculous with the beats! Beat champion Dibia$e is one of our favourite producers and he proves this once again with his fresh release 10K, which he released as a present to his fans for getting him 10.000 likes on Facebook. His beats are so soulful, contain so much swing and are very dynamic in mood. If you are a true beat head, Dibia$e can’t be missing from your music collection. 10K is a present so it’s for free! Go get it here. THE GREEN LLAMA STRIKES!




They treat you with an hour long mix with music by Devonwho, Dibia$e, Knxwledge., Mndsgn, Prof. Logik and others. And like thats not enough, they made a very cool video to go with it. This is just the first volume. So if you like it, be sure to follow GodsConnect. Check out the video mixette here below, and download the audio mix here.



THE GREEN LLAMA STRIKES! Once again. Producer and rapper Selfish. came through with a raw 19 track beat tape called .waves. Beat head alert! Cop this one right here, because it contains some ridiculously filthy soulful slaps, lord have mercy. You can buy his release for only $1. Selfish. and heavyweight beat champion Dibia$e (see our March 10 post) are both members of The Green Llama crew, a group of several dope producers and rappers with a very distinctive sound. Keep an eye on The Green Llamas because the music they are putting out is crazy. Click on the group name and watch them spit their stuff. LLAMA!