Sonic Router started their own record label back in 2012. Their main goal was to introduce new talent and bring them a steady ground for their material. This is something they definitely achieved by being the home for artist like Torus, Wattville, Hav Lyfe, Fuewa, My Panda Shall Fly and Bambooman. The latest release coming from the Sonic Router camp is from Eckoclick. This is the result of a collaboration between producer Crewdson and the fast rising vocalist Femme. The opening track ‘Dream in Colour’ sets the tone right away and is a confirmation of a successful team effort. Throughout the album you’ll hear swifting melodies combined with the vocals from Femme, creating different atmospheres.



These lush beats are from Leeds based Bambooman and see a release in the end of April. This is his first release on the growing Sonic Router Records. Bambooman also compiled the two ‘Sound Healers‘ compilations, that featured a lot of upcoming experimental producers. You can still get these for free via their bandcamp. The amazing producer Zack Christ and Eckoclick both made a remix for this new EP.