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The 1st of the month is still a long two weeks from now, so this FREE. LOVE EPESTA. is giving us is just perfect timing. The vibes on this release are dwelling in mellow soulfulness, so it´s definitely Lazy Sunday approved. ESTA. just released his official debut EP about a week ago via Soulection, so this quick follow up drop means he really got a lot to share with us. It’s all love! Better yet, FREE. LOVE, get yours here. Oh and yeah we know what the deal is with the financial struggles, so that’s why we hook you up with the free releases. Don’t worry, we got you!




Back in January we wrote something about ESTA and a new upcoming release. Well, it’s here. Back than it was announced as ‘The Sextape EP’, but he has changed the name to Gradient. As a member of the Soulection family, its more than logical this release is coming from their label. His sound is quite versatile. You’ll hear a lot of different influences, like jazz and trap. It’s definetly worth listening!

esta gradiernt


JE$U$ – M

Beats from the German Je$u$. Preach the message and immerse yourself in his enlightening rhythms. It’s a manifestation of inspiration and progression.



The third release from the Rhythm Cult imprint features the work of Deadbeat. The Canadian producer, who currently resides in Berlin, is known for his blend of dub, electronic and house. He’s an inventive producer and an established name in a dynamic industry. On this Ep he delivers three very decent tracks going from synth-heavy house to some more minimalist work and ending the Ep with a kind of junge-beat house track. This Ep is a showcase of the genre bending abilities of Deadbeat while maintaining a signature sound.



Error Broadcast reached a milestone. Five years ago the label started and rapidly became a prolific label thanks to artists like Shlohmo, Pixelord, DZA, B-Ju and Kenlo. The imprint is the home ground for many influential and established artists and also for innovative new talents. To celebrate their five year of existence and the fact that Error Broadcast has become an amazing record label, there will be released a compilation of their top-ten favourite remixes. Be sure to get yourself a copy of the limited edition cassettes.



The HIT + RUN crew from Southern California was established in 2005 and has spread around the globe. From Los Angeles to London to Tel Aviv, they are known for their live screen printing events. The imprint is also notorious for their 7″ singles, eps & full length album releases on vinyl and cassette. Especially the H+R compilation series “777” and “ROAD KILL” are a very welcome output. On the first of September the fourth volume of their “ROAD KILL” serie will see the light of day. Artist like Cohen Beats, Mono/Poly, Knxwledge, Seven Davis Jr. and others have contributed to this release.



Soulection Radio is in the mood to celebrate this year and for good reasons. After celebrating their 3 year existence in January this year with a compilation album, now they’ve reached over 100.000 followers on Soundcloud. If our memory doesn’t fail us, they had 20.000 followers not even a year ago. With the compilation album 100K Soulection would like to thank its supporters. The download is for free, check it out. We are telling you these guys are blowing up! As if all the releases weren’t enough, the Soulection crew is also coming to The Netherlands on the 1st of June! Joe Kay, Mr. Carmack and Esta will be sharing their amazing sound in Amsterdam. We surely will be there, see you soon!



Remember the Jay Dee Unreleased Remixes EP we posted last week? Legendary DJ House Shoes challenged all the beat makers out there to flip the Electric Piano interlude sample that’s on there. As many of you may know DJ House Shoes was a close and personal friend of the late and great Jay Dee. House Shoes said that Jay Dee put that interlude on there on purpose so that other beat heads might take a shot at flipping it. Well now’s your chance! Too bad the contest lasted only a week and closed today. As Jay Dee fans and occasional beat makers ourselves we would have loved to participate. The winner of the contest will be announced soon. Here are some of the contestants. I feel that neck pain coming up again..