Already far past the 1000 beats landmark the Groningen (Netherlands) based producer Koen continues to enlighten us with his smooth soulful yet solid and on point instrumentals. The fact that he doesn’t name his beats aside from a number has its charm. This allows you to see the progress and it slightly uncovers his insane work ethic. I mean, over 1000 beats?! Come on son! Outputs Vol. 4 is available for only¬†3 euro’s. So get yours and support the G-City Titty Committee.




Although The Netherlands may be a small country, over the years it has proven to be a fruitful breeding ground for quality soulful music. The Dutch is the latest succeeded project to come forth on HW&W Recordings and features Holland’s finest producers like Koen, Nangdo and Henning (just to name a few). We think they did a very nice job creating spacey vibes to accompany you on your journey to where ever. This album was created for the travelling man. So next time when you’re on your way, be sure to turn up your headphones while bumping this. Lastly, the creators feel about this release in the same way they feel when they are travelling. Absolutely free! Enjoy



Rapper Pheo. is at it again with a new finished project and yeah let’s be real. It’s dope! Pheo’s style is characterised by smooth flows, catchy lines and a solid voice and as if that wasn’t enough for the album he hooked up with some massive producers: Lakim, Mr. Carmack, Koen and Afta-1 for crying out loud. Do we need to say more? Reali$m is available for free. Avocado Everything!