Russian pioneer Pixelord is getting ready for a new release on the Russian Hyperboloid label. Calling Pixelord a pioneer is not for no reason. Just have a listen to this preview. In the past he has already proved to be a unique producer responsible for awesome records. With ‘Portal‘ he delivers mainly dance floor ready joints, but also has a collaboration with vocalist Fifi Rong for a garage-like track. That last track really does it. Expect it to drop June 2nd.



Last December Pixelord and Zack Christ teased us with a preview of a new collaboration Ep. The day has finally come. These top notch producers surely know how to deliver quality. In 2011 Zack Christ made an impressive debut with his Lucky Pork / Far East Side Ep. Pixelord is in the game for a bit longer and has some outstanding releases on his name. Although they didn’t work on the same tracks, they have managed to keep a certain sound troughout the Ep. Go take a listen. It’s a real beauty.

zack christ pixelord



Error Broadcast reached a milestone. Five years ago the label started and rapidly became a prolific label thanks to artists like Shlohmo, Pixelord, DZA, B-Ju and Kenlo. The imprint is the home ground for many influential and established artists and also for innovative new talents. To celebrate their five year of existence and the fact that Error Broadcast has become an amazing record label, there will be released a compilation of their top-ten favourite remixes. Be sure to get yourself a copy of the limited edition cassettes.



Portland-based collective Dropping Gems has been supporting artist like Natasha Kmeto and Devonwho and keep exciting us with thier compilation records. Their main goal is to share their vision of the future of humanity, as they proof with this new compilation. The fourth installment of ‘Gem Drops‘ is on its way and features the likes of Devonwho, The Range, Free The Robots, Pixelord, Swarvy and more. A pretty wild bunch. Have a listen to the first track from DJAO.



Hyperboloid shows the world how it’s done in Russia. And it sure is impressive. Today a new EP dropped by Raumskaya from Saint-Petersburg. This is his debut release on Hyperboloid Records. His juke influenced music is unique, and a great addition to Hyperboloid’s catalogue. This EP features four bass club tracks and three remixes by Pixelord, Koloah and Gillepsy.




The sixth edtion of the Mad-Hop compilations is on its way. Mad-Hop is a music platform that’s dedicated to experimental hip hop and electronic music. Artist like Ichiro_, Kidkanevil, Headshotboyz, 813, B-Ju and Pixelord are some examples of artists who delivered solid tracks for previous volumes. We can expect a diverse compilation full of music from all over the world. Some of the featured artist already collaborated with the label, but we will also here sounds from new talent coming from Europe, Asia and North America. Listen to the preview below.