Over the course of eight weekends spread over the past year, Memotone and Soosh visited each other to record material for their Memoosh collaboration. All the music is made in person and resulted in jam sessions and improvisations. The final outcome is an album full of live instruments combined with effect boxes, samplers, vocals and field recordings. Almost each track is made through a different work method, which results in a very diverse album. You’ll hear hip-hop influenced tracks to drum & bass rhythms and even peaceful melodic soundscapes. A collaboration made possible by Project Mooncircle.



The lovely UpMyAlley label shared a free EP with us. All these tracks were meant to be part of a Soosh remix EP that somehow never happened. We don’t know the full story behind this, but we’re glad UpMyAlley was so kind to set these beauties free. Flako and Shigeto both contributed to this project together with Mieux, Sekuoia and Greenwood Sharps. They managed to maintain the same kind of vibe throughout the whole EP. It’s a beautiful soothing piece. Give it a listen and grab it for free.

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Just a cool mix we want to share with you. This mix is coming from the label Donky Pitch and Sub FM. They play some forthcoming and unreleased tunes from Lapalux, The Range, DJ Paypal, LiL TExAS, Kidkanevil x DZA, Letherette, Bambooman and others. After that, Soosh joins them for a mix following the release of his debut LP  ‘Colour Is Breathe‘. You can find the complete tracklist on soundcloud.