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Lee Bannon is making big steps. This producer started out making dope hip hop beats and produced tracks for Joey Bada$$. The last year he really showcased his talent by taking on a different genre. He now joined Ninja Tune for his first album release. He’s been working on this album for the last six months. Expect ‘Alternate/Endings’ to drop in the first month of 2014. Read more about Lee Bannon and this upcoming release over here 

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Britain not only has the Big Ben and their fish and chips to be proud of. They’re also the land of grime. Back in 1997 Big Dada started as a record label in association with Ninja Tune. Since then they’ve released a lot of ‘Black Music’. They’ve released this compilation to make sure people don’t forget about the genre. Journalist and talent scout Joe Muggs compiled the CD together with Big Dada’s Will Ashon. After working with a lot of grime producers. they began to realise there’s a lot of hidden talent. ‘Grime 2.0‘ consists of 35 tracks by artists from all over the globe. This release also features work of a few grime originators.