The third anniversary compilation from Infinite Machine is coming up and this one will be a bit different. For most labels it’s customary to look back and celebrate their anniversary with artists who are part of their roster. Just like the previous two anniversary compilations from Infinite Machine. With the third edition the label decided to take a look into the future. This release will feature new talent that are welcomed into their family. This record will make you excited and eager for future releases from the Infinite Machine camp. Take a dive into this preview and get familiar with all these new names.

    YUTA INOUE – 17時の世界

    You probably can´t make anything out of Japanese sign language, but Yuta INOUE also speaks a language we all do understand. His music sounds like a story on its own. ‘17時の世界‘ is an experimental beattape tapping into various genres. With each track he created a different soundscape, where you find yourself immersed into mutiple layers of sound. This is an artist you want to keep an eye out for.


      Don’t fake the data. Mike Gao stays true to his word with his new release. He bundled a couple of remixes, including some collaboration efforts. With the release you’ll also get 200+ MB of samples, 2 custom VST plugins (OSX only) and 4 Max4Live Patches for producers. I’m sure this material will give you a good insight in the producing method of Mike Gao. The remix is made by him and his friends Promnite and Sweater Beats. The release also features a track from the Mike Gao x Goyama production duo known as Thottie McPippen. There are some real beauties on this release. Get your copy here.

        ROAD KILL VOL. 4 [HNR41]

        The HIT + RUN crew from Southern California was established in 2005 and has spread around the globe. From Los Angeles to London to Tel Aviv, they are known for their live screen printing events. The imprint is also notorious for their 7″ singles, eps & full length album releases on vinyl and cassette. Especially the H+R compilation series “777″ and “ROAD KILL” are a very welcome output. On the first of September the fourth volume of their “ROAD KILL” serie will see the light of day. Artist like Cohen Beats, Mono/Poly, Knxwledge, Seven Davis Jr. and others have contributed to this release.

          LIKE – LIGHTWORK

          This release is already a month old and contains tracks that are composed from 2009 till 2013, but it sure sounds timeless. Like is a member of the well-known trio Pac Div. Recently he also released his first official solo instrumental debut, entitled ‘Zesty‘. We thought this collection of older material is worth the spotlight as well. Delicious hip-hop tracks that are in need of some raps. It would be cool if a solo project from Like got released as a result of his producing and rapping qualities. Some bars on these beats wouldn’t hurt.


            Dying Breath is the collaboration effort between producer K15 and rapper DistantStarr. The gloomy but also uplifting beats from K15 lay the perfect ground for the soul searching raps. DistantStarr is known for his collaborations with Jay Scarlett, Blu and Le N?ko. Dying Breath plays out themes of love, obsession and created an appealing Ep. It’s pretty cool that the acapella’s and the instrumentals are included with this release. They might want you to create some beats or raps of your own and come up with your own take of the release.

              SUMMER IN JAKARTA

              Jakarta Records is so kind to enrich our lives with a free compilation. The Berlin based label even made a bunch of cassette’s available for free. Sadly enough all of them are gone already. But what a great gift. If your familiar with the label, you wouldn’t expect less. They are the European imprint that supports and released records from producers like Ta-Ku, Kaytranada, Blu and many others. The versatile list of featured producers on this release is a great representation of their artist roster. I’m sure you’ll find a track of your taste on this ‘Summer In Jakarta‘ release.

                KOUBEN – ON ANOTHER PLANET

                The 22-year old beatmaker from Birmingham, UK, created a mixtape for clothing store PROVIDE. With the seven track deep ‘On Another Planet‘ Mixtape, Kouben brings a dynamic tape full of surprises. Each beat is layered with different synths, drums and samples that combined make up a propelling soundscape. The mixtape will be released digital and on cassette. The A-side will feature the seven tracks and an exclusive minimix. The B-side of the cassette will be blank, as an invitation for people to record their own mixes to the cassette. Have a listen and find inspiration for your own creation.

                  CLOSER 003 COMPILATION

                  Back in 2013 Berlin-based DJ and producer Moomin started his own record label named Closer. After two legit releases of his own, the third will feature the likes of Mr.Tophat & Art Alfie, Wun Two, FloFilz and Hubert Daviz. A record full of crispy snares, funky basslines and jazzy samples. All these producers deliverd quality material and made a Hip-Hop release with tracks that take you into meditation and others that bring you a positive vibe. Expect the vinyl and digital release to drop somewhere around the end of August.

                    SOULEANCE – JOGAR EP

                    When the World Cup was in full effect, Souleance came trough with this release inspired by the sounds of South America. French producers Fulgeance and Soulist together are the dynamic duo responsible for the funky releases under the moniker Souleance. For this new EP they made use of the extensive Brazilian record collection of Alice Dufay, the creative mind behind all the artwork of Souleance releases. From the moment you press play, Jogan EP will take you on a trip full of tropical and funky vibes. This record has the soundtrack of your summer.