This is the reason why we started this music blog. That feel, that bounce, those vibes that make every cell of your body celebrate this thing called life. This isn’t the first time Ahwlee made us feel this way, his trademark smooth jazzy samples layered with the throbbing kick drums and crispy snares has send us to the deep thought realm many times. The vibes are so soothing, and we think everybody should hear the creations of the soon to be 23 years old creative spirit. His release ATM. is perfect for the summer. Our favourite track has to be jimmy, and to our surprise estilo.too sounds like Pete Rock payed a visit. Ahwlee is one of those rising young talents to keep an eye on. Trust.


    The Smashtales collective has been making some heavy noise the past few years, and keep on bringing heat. This new compilation record is no exception. So much talent on one record. The list of featured artists already makes it an insane release. And yes, the first track from Shash’u is already enough to confirm that statement. With ‘Bad Summer 0014‘ you’ll have your hands full. So just dive in there and enjoy your summer.


      For this new release, Iman Omari added a good dose of R&B and soul to his productions. Iman Omari already stands out as a unique Hip-Hop producer with a raw style, but on this new Ep he shows a different side. On ‘Samadhi‘ you’ll find yourself immersed in the raw productions combined with smooth vocals that together might remind you of some popular contemporary R&B artists. With ‘Samadhi’ he delivers a R&B, Soul and Funk inspired record that’s a sure pleasure for your ears. Have a listen here below.


        Georgia Anne Muldrow is somewhere way out there. Floating between stars and exploiting her talent. As the creative musician she is, she amalgamates her inspirations from Jazz, Hip-Hop and ’70s Soul. The outcome is a clear proof that she is truly worthy being part of the Stones Throw family. On this new Ep we don’t see Georgia Anne Muldrow as a singer, but a rapper. She is not unfamiliar with laying down some bars, but this is her first official rap record. All the beats are produced by Kriswontwo. Get your copy trough SomeOthaShip.

          GEM DROPS FOUR

          Portland-based collective Dropping Gems has been supporting artist like Natasha Kmeto and Devonwho and keep exciting us with thier compilation records. Their main goal is to share their vision of the future of humanity, as they proof with this new compilation. The fourth installment of ‘Gem Drops‘ is on its way and features the likes of Devonwho, The Range, Free The Robots, Pixelord, Swarvy and more. A pretty wild bunch. Have a listen to the first track from DJAO.


            Russian producer and label owner DZA teamed up with Kidkanevil for this ‘Kaiju‘ Ep. The Japanese word “Kaiju” literally means “strange beast” and is also used to refer to monster movies like Godzilla. This Ep is quite the beast. Kaiju beats is what they do and make Kidkanevil and DZA stand out. Both producers proof to be pretty familiar with making good use of your eardrums. The opening track ‘Scarecrow’ starts off with heavy bass drums and percussion samples to eventually be embraced by raw synth stabs. It immediately sets the tone. Have a listen to the full release here below.


              Here’s a new three-track Ep from Japanese producer Picnic Women. The juke inspired producer has been releasing Ep’s for a while now and is starting to make a name for himself. His bandcamp page is full of self-released ep’s and will make you fall in love with his style. Rapid drums and soulful samples are the two main ingredients for this ’50 Shades of Fool’ Ep. Be sure to show some support and cop this release.


                Aw my gawsh. This is a true head snapping, straight funky and very sexy track. Coming from the Astro Nautico camp, Photey will release his self-titled album late this summer. Photey studied music in West Africa, where he also got his nickname from. Photey means white-person in Susu. Pretty cool. He is known for blending various styles, as you can here in this mix. This first single, and collaboration with Seafloor, is truly amazing. Have a listen and get excited for his new release.


                  Hi there. How you’ve been? We’re good. It’s been awhile, we know. But we’re still here and that’s what’s important, right? We came across this new EP from Azizi Gibson. Fresh of the shelf. Ever since we heard about him, from joining the Brainfeeder crew, he has been releasing wavy material. You might see him as the torchbearer of the preHISTORIC crew. And here is the new release ‘Backward Books’. enjoy it and get your download here.



                    Mux Mool dropped a free EP trough Super Best Records. It’s a raw EP full of beats from the intersection of techno, house and hip hop. We like it. You might know Mux Mool from his releases on Ghostly. He’s responsible for some very interesting releases. In the past years Mux Mool has proven to be very original with mixing styles and creating beats that will live their own life. Get your copy of ‘Appetite for Production‘ here.