New York imprint Ounce introduces the new member Yung Tarzan. The rising rapper from Florida has a positive outlook on life. Sushi, condoms and weed is all he needs. With this Ep his intention is to share that feeling. It’s about positive feelings without a reason to feel good. Like Yung Tarzan stated himself: “it’s like going out to dinner and ordering steak and only tipping a dollar”. This release is something to vibe out to. Get your copy here.   


    The Don of nods has steadily been releasing beattapes the last year. With a high productivity some beats tend to get lost, like the Doc himself explaines. This tape contains a nice collection of recovered beats. Like the title proclaims, Doc Illingsworth calls out for acts of nod. A nod to his new tape, maybe some nods to his older beats and if you catch him on the streets, don’t be shy and give him a gentle nod. Illingsworth beats are of true class and worthy for the repeat. He deserves your support so play it loud.


      Sunday vibes from Elestial One. Afta-1 might have changed his name to Elestial one, or even Elestial Skies as his soundcloud page says. With this three track Ep the now Tokyo based producer brings experimental Hip-Hop influenced tracks. From the first track you’ll get a Soulection kind of vibe, but he makes it his own by adding layers of percussions with diverse rhythms and creates a deep sound through mutiple synths. With the at least five minutes long tracks Elestial One reveals a story. The extensive tracks make the Ep feel like a complete album. This release is truly impressive and worth a listen.

        STRANGE U – EP #2040

        Strange U is the collaborative effort between Kashmere and producer Dr Zygote and they are back with dark beats and mocking lyrics. Strange U is an original and almost counter formation that might be needed in the mainly one-sided temporary hip-hop industry. With this new EP they deliver raw beats combined with assertive raps and maintain the same message throughout the whole record. Have a listen for your own here below.

          BIG BABY GANDHI – N​.​H​.​J​.​I​.​C.

          Some classic beats combined with the rhymes by the Big Baby Gandhi are a good listen. He took the productions from DJ Premier, RZA, Nashiem Myrick, Diamond D, Mobb Deep and Dr. Dre and let loose some of his rhymes. Back in December he released his ‘DEBUT’. Be sure to check that out too while you download your copy of  ’N​.​H​.​J​.​I​.​C.’ here.


            London based label Dred Collective marks an end of their free track series and clearly jungle and footwork is what they preach. Beach Club & Relic have been loyal to the label for quite some time now and are the perfect choice for this new release. They took the classic elements of footwork and jungle and gave it a touch of modern sound to create a dynamic Ep. This release will be available for free on on Friday September 19th. Keep an eye out.

              I.N.T. – Percy La Rock

              Dutch label Rwina is a true showcase of talent coming from Holland. They have welcomed I.N.T. to their family. This guy has worked with artists like Chet Baker and Frank n Dank and released music on labels like Stones Throw, Brownswood and Fat City. His new album, titled ‘Percy La Rock’, is scheduled for release and a bunch of incredible rappers and singers are featured on the thing. Rwina gave us a quick look behind the curtain and named Guilty Simpson and Sasha Vee. A short cut that has been premiered today features the singer Steve Hartley. What a joint man. The soul is dripping right of it. Delicious.


                Sonic Router started their own record label back in 2012. Their main goal was to introduce new talent and bring them a steady ground for their material. This is something they definitely achieved by being the home for artist like Torus, Wattville, Hav Lyfe, Fuewa, My Panda Shall Fly and Bambooman. The latest release coming from the Sonic Router camp is from Eckoclick. This is the result of a collaboration between producer Crewdson and the fast rising vocalist Femme. The opening track ‘Dream in Colour’ sets the tone right away and is a confirmation of a successful team effort. Throughout the album you’ll hear swifting melodies combined with the vocals from Femme, creating different atmospheres.

                  NxxxxxS – HYDRO VICE

                  NxxxxxS wants to take you back straight to the era where smoothness was just casual. Slow beats and samples from 80′s make you feel like The Terminator has just hit the cinemas and Super Mario Bros. is the hottest thing out there. ‘Hydro Vice‘ is a free release to warm you up for his upcoming album that will drop next month. So till then vibe out to these smooth and slappin beats and we’ll keep you posted on his next album.

                    EMAN X VLOOPER – XXL

                    Canadian crew Alaclair Ensemble is a group formed of talented producers and rappers, coming from Montréal, Québec. Coming from a country with two official languages, French is the one they prefer. So get ready from some bassful beats accompanied by French raps. This releases is brought to you by Eman, who is responsible for the raps, and Vlooper, who took care of the instrumentals. Just have a listen at ‘Back to me avec MoDlee’ and acknowledge their talent. Get your copy here.